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Carbon neutrality objective: carbon offset projects, a further option towards environmental Ecommitment. In recent years we are seeing how climate change and commitment to the environment has started to become an issue that is closer not only to citizen, but also to the business level. More and more companies are interested in aligning their brand and [...]


Portugal: 103% Renewables 0% Guarantees

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March of 2018 was the “greenest” month ever in Portugal. The energy generated from clean sources exceeded demand by 3%, beating the record of 99% capacity achieved in 2014. This could mean that all the energy consumed in our households came from renewable energy sources and, not even if not entirely true, it’s still a praiseworthy [...]

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Adjustment services costs: The Emergence of Renewables

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Just over two years ago, when forecasting the evolution of electrical system adjustment services, major energy companies and industry experts predicted a possible increase in costs in the following years. These costs are transferred to the final customer irrespective of the product has been contracted. With an increased participation of renewable energy technologies, which are considered [...]

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CO2 Capture and Storage – Crucial to COP21?

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December 12th of 2015 was a historical day for global environmental policy and for the sustainable future of the planet. In this day, 195 countries gathered in Paris, for the Climate Conference of the United Nations (COP21), agreed in reducing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) to settle the global warming at 1.5 degrees above the planet’s [...]

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