Panic in the markets … How does it affect me? What should I do?

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This is one of those weeks in which I had a well-organized agenda, and, among other activities, I was ready to publish a Blog about the reality of projects with Hydrogen and the energy market (prepared carefully and well in advance). However, panic has taken over the media and markets. My agenda has “blown away” and [...]

Is there an excess capacity in the Spanish electricity grid? What is being done?

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In a context of economic contraction, where the debate is centred on whether or not the crisis will turn into a recession, the installed capacity of our generation stock continues to grow as a result of the wave of new renewable generation and the promise of electrification of industry and transport. Evolution of electricity demand The [...]

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China’s daring energy strategy

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In absolute terms, China is now the world’s largest greenhouse-gas emitter, accounting for more than 25% of the global total. Even in per capita terms, it has just overtaken the European Union average, while still at only half the US level. This reflects an electricity system based 70% on coal, as well as China’s global leadership [...]

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Free fall of Brent, how long?

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In less than 2 months we have seen the price of a oil barrel falling by more than 32%, suffering its biggest drop since the raw materials crisis in 2015. Is this drop justified? Energy long-term investors are suffering a difficult period lately, since market experts have been talking for several months about an oil price [...]

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Talking about Venezuela is tantamount of talking about oil. This country, almost twice the size of Spain, has the largest amount of (heavy) crude oil reserves in the world, which grew strongly since 2011. It may be unfair and/or paradoxical that all this underground wealth is present at the worst time for the country, which is [...]