Italy: a country on its knees. The energy sector hard hit by the COVID-19 spread.

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Today we are talking about a subject that is particularly close to my heart, which is my country of origin, Italy. In recent weeks, it has been the first in our continent to be the main character of the coronavirus fury. We will see how the epidemic has hit the Italian energy sector hardly, creating dynamics [...]

Air of change for Italy, how will you deal with the energy news of the Winter Package?

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An energy transition based on confusing legislation and high European targets. How is the country moving towards respecting the PNIEC objectives? Great intentions and still few measures, definitely a great challenge and a race against time. Renewable energy, such as wind and solar, is now accepted as reliable and highly cost competitive in markets all over [...]

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ITALIAN ENERGY TRANSITION: Proposal for a National Plan for Energy and Climate

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CURRENT SITUATION For a long time Italy has pursued the widest use of tools that improve together energy security, environmental protection and access to energy costs, contributing to the European objectives on energy and the environment. The Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and the Ministry of [...]