2020 in perspective

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Everyone expected so much of 2020, setting it at an important milestone for the World with the globalization peaking and the technology and social barriers being tested constantly. On the other hand, the long trade war between US and China was weighing on the markets and a recession was on the edge. Despite that, no one [...]

New horizons for “Big Oil”

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Before covid, the energy sector was facing significant challenges due to growing demand for renewable energy, declining oil demand and falling profits. The virus has only further shaken the energy industry. Other factors they already faced: Many investors are pulling out of traditional energy companies. There has been an increase in social responsibility, reducing their popularity. [...]

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Groningen: the slow ending of a giant

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Groningen is medium-sized town in the north of the Netherlands. As far as towns go, it probably doesn’t qualify as your dream destination but the name is quite famous within the European energy community, for this small municipality is home to the largest gas field in western Europe – a behemoth esteemed at 2800 km3 of [...]

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The change in energy policy in China , gas for coal

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The world's most populous country, with more than 1.3 billion people, is beginning to take a change in its energy policy seriously, adopting a proactive, cleaner and more efficient approach. The Asian country has shares of CO2 emissions well above the average of other countries. In fact, China is the most polluting country on the planet, [...]

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Gas in Spain: towards a more competitive market

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Last Friday, Magnus CMD attended the Gas Industrial Forum 2018, organized by Gas Industrial Association. The most important players of the Iberian gas market were represented in the event, both from large consumers, as well as from regulatory and control bodies such as CNMC, ENAGAS, MIBGAS and MINETAD. In this forum, we had the opportunity to [...]

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The market bullish sentiment

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As some Magnus followers already know, every week we take the chance to share our knowledge by writing interesting articles about energy. Our experience and global knowledge comes from years helping big international companies to define and execute energy strategies. By taking the daily pulse of markets with our customers to take the righ decisions. However, [...]

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