What’s next for the U.S. Energy Future: U.S. 2020 Presidential Elections

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After 4 years everyone agrees with the fact that we live in a different World, especially the American citizens that voted on November 8th of 2016 for their leader: Donald Trump. It has been four years of controversial leadership and governance, with strong positions and opinions, tweets and executive orders that shape a different America and [...]

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Coal Phase-Out and the market “incentive”

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The pathway towards Climate Neutrality by 2050 continues with coal phase-out leading the initiatives to achieve such goal across the “Old Continent”. The official roadmap points for France to win the race of decarbonization in Europe, by phasing out of coal by 2022. In the year after is expected that Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy and [...]

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The Coal’s paradox: where idealism meets pragmatism

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Let’s face it: we Humans are very poor when it comes to dealing with the intangible. We deal in obvious comparisons and in lieu of that: a real pain now is worth far more than a greater pain in the yet unseen (albeit still known) future. “One problem at a time” we say, and despite our [...]

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What happened to carbon price?

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The carbon emission rights of the European emission trading system (EU-ETS, for its acronym in English) have gone up in price by 60% since last January and have tripled since May last year when they cost 4.38 euros/ton, up to 13.82 euros in April of this year. Following the data of the European Commission released this [...]

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New hope for the EU ETS Market

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In February 27th the European Emission allowances (EUA) were traded above the 10 €/tone closing that day’s session at 10.21 €/tone, values not witnessed since 2012. The bullish trend initiated on the second half of 2017, when the EU started to address the future of the EU ETS market, was heavily felt in November after a [...]

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Coal is still the key of global energy

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2017 has been a year characterized by a clear upward trend in electricity and gas prices, not only in Europe but also globally. And in this rise, coal prices have once again played a key role. This commodity influences the prices of electricity, based on its share in the generation mix, but also in gas prices, [...]

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The market bullish sentiment

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As some Magnus followers already know, every week we take the chance to share our knowledge by writing interesting articles about energy. Our experience and global knowledge comes from years helping big international companies to define and execute energy strategies. By taking the daily pulse of markets with our customers to take the righ decisions. However, [...]

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Coal’s last breath?

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The coal sector has been affected for a long time by an excess of capacity, especially during the last two years, with the slowdown of the economy and the drop in demand caused by the measures taken against climate change and the focus on renewable energies. However, in recent months the coal market experienced a significant [...]

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COP 21 Summit, winds of change in Paris?

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Climate change is one of the main challenges for societies worldwide. The efforts and agreements reached in the various negotiations for the fight against the reduction of greenhouse emissions from 1992 at the Summit in Rio de Janeiro have been characterized as little ambitious. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has failed to [...]

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