The change in energy policy in China , gas for coal

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The world's most populous country, with more than 1.3 billion people, is beginning to take a change in its energy policy seriously, adopting a proactive, cleaner and more efficient approach. The Asian country has shares of CO2 emissions well above the average of other countries. In fact, China is the most polluting country on the planet, [...]

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China’s coal restrictions – why now?

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In the energy World everybody knows that, when it comes to coal, no one beats China – which triples the production volume of the 2nd country in the list, the U.S. But being the biggest is not without its problems. Figure 1. Coal production (left) and consumption (right) by country in thousands of millions of [...]

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Where’s the Petroyuan

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Some weeks back, I’ve written about the potential impact of the arrival of the petroyuan, not just in the oil market but also in the currency market, and that such impact was going to arrive in the end of 2017. Nevertheless, as of now, things at the International Shanghai Energy Exchange (or INE for short) have [...]

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Coal is still the key of global energy

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2017 has been a year characterized by a clear upward trend in electricity and gas prices, not only in Europe but also globally. And in this rise, coal prices have once again played a key role. This commodity influences the prices of electricity, based on its share in the generation mix, but also in gas prices, [...]

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A tricky Question – Is the COAL ENDED?

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In 2006, Al Gore’s documentary entitled “An Inconvenient Truth” shocked the World with a catastrophic scenario that we would be facing if drastic measures wouldn’t be taken. Expressions like global warming, climate change, sustainable growth, air pollution, green energy, etc. gained momentum and energy, environmental and economy policy roadmaps were developed and implemented to avoid that [...]

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New Age of Commodities after China?

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It is well known that China has had a great influence on global economy last decade, as one of the main emerging countries, leading industrial growth while the world succumbed into 2008 crisis. The impact of a sharp slowdown in Asian Giant all over the world is well understood since its GDP represents 16% of global [...]

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