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3005, 2018

Gas in Spain: towards a more competitive market

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Last Friday, Magnus CMD attended the Gas Industrial Forum 2018, organized by Gas Industrial Association. The most important players of the Iberian gas market were represented in the event, both from large consumers, as well as from regulatory and control bodies such as CNMC, ENAGAS, MIBGAS [...]

1605, 2018

Portugal: 103% Renewables 0% Guarantees

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March of 2018 was the “greenest” month ever in Portugal. The energy generated from clean sources exceeded demand by 3%, beating the record of 99% capacity achieved in 2014. This could mean that all the energy consumed in our households came from renewable energy sources and, [...]

805, 2018

What happened to carbon price?

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The carbon emission rights of the European emission trading system (EU-ETS, for its acronym in English) have gone up in price by 60% since last January and have tripled since May last year when they cost 4.38 euros/ton, up to 13.82 euros in April of this [...]

2404, 2018

China’s coal restrictions – why now?

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In the energy World everybody knows that, when it comes to coal, no one beats China – which triples the production volume of the 2nd country in the list, the U.S. But being the biggest is not without its problems. Figure 1. Coal production (left) [...]

1704, 2018


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Talking about Venezuela is tantamount of talking about oil. This country, almost twice the size of Spain, has the largest amount of (heavy) crude oil reserves in the world, which grew strongly since 2011. It may be unfair and/or paradoxical that all this underground wealth is [...]

1204, 2018

Power and gas prices seem to have no roof …¿What now?

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As we have already pointed out in previous articles, 2017 was a bullish year in the energy markets. In the previous blog "OMIE Forecast? Place your bets " we detailed the fundamentals that justified these increases. However, this does not mitigate the concern of procurement managers [...]