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1510, 2019

Air of change for Italy, how will you deal with the energy news of the Winter Package?

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An energy transition based on confusing legislation and high European targets. How is the country moving towards respecting the PNIEC objectives? Great intentions and still few measures, definitely a great challenge and a race against time. Renewable energy, such as wind and solar, is now accepted [...]

810, 2019

CO2 prices in Germany and other countries; is ETS not enough?

By | October 8th, 2019|Categories: Energy Markets, Energy Policies, Featured, M·Blog|Tags: , , |

The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) is ever more relevant. Every year fewer allowances are available, the long-term price trend is upwards (despite the recent drops), and the incentive to replace CO2 intensive production techniques for less intensive ones becomes stronger every time. However, more and [...]

110, 2019

RENEWABLE AUCTIONS, what are they and what is behind the price diversity?

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We are immersed in a process of paradigm change where the energy transition to a sustainable model is no longer an option. To this end, various energy policies have been carried out with greater or lesser success to establish the objectives for the energy future of [...]

2409, 2019

Blockchain: The Renewable Energy Democrat

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Blockchain? It's been a while since this technology first associated with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC) (if you still don't know the basics of this technology, here we explain it in detail) is no longer sounding like Chinese in the renewable energy sector. Looking back exactly to [...]

1809, 2019

Proposal for a change in energy tariffs. What changes could we see in our January invoice?

By | September 18th, 2019|Categories: Electricity Markets, Energy Markets, Featured, M·Blog, Spain|Tags: , , |

CNMC has gone on holiday with the homework done and is that before summer has published a proposal to lower in the coming years gas and electricity tolls, 2-3% for domestic and 8-10% for industrial. So, in the premiere of its competition, the corporation has decided [...]

1009, 2019

Key points about PPA’s

By | September 10th, 2019|Categories: Electricity Markets, Energy Markets, Featured, M·Blog, Spain|Tags: , , |

What is a PPA A PPA for its initials in English Power Purchase Agreement, is a long-term clean energy purchase agreement from a specific asset and a fixed price, for a specified volume and time horizon. You can tell between a developer and a marketer or [...]