Brent, geopolitical conflicts and European dependency

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During the last few years we have witnessed geopolitical conflicts that oil prices. On April 22, EE. UU it ended with the exceptions to the Iranian embargo that allowed it to continue exporting to countries such as China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy and Greece. With this, oil peaked since November of last year [...]

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Free fall of Brent, how long?

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In less than 2 months we have seen the price of a oil barrel falling by more than 32%, suffering its biggest drop since the raw materials crisis in 2015. Is this drop justified? Energy long-term investors are suffering a difficult period lately, since market experts have been talking for several months about an oil price [...]

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More than 20 dollars of difference have come to be between the maximum value of the Brent quoted this year and the price of crude at the beginning of 2018. A totally bullish trend that brought oil to the brink of 90 $USD/bbl just two weeks ago. Reasons for its justification have not been lacking: a [...]



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Talking about Venezuela is tantamount of talking about oil. This country, almost twice the size of Spain, has the largest amount of (heavy) crude oil reserves in the world, which grew strongly since 2011. It may be unfair and/or paradoxical that all this underground wealth is present at the worst time for the country, which is [...]


Where’s the Petroyuan

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Some weeks back, I’ve written about the potential impact of the arrival of the petroyuan, not just in the oil market but also in the currency market, and that such impact was going to arrive in the end of 2017. Nevertheless, as of now, things at the International Shanghai Energy Exchange (or INE for short) have [...]

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Happy anniversary Trump

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On January 20, 2017, the 45th president of the United States of America, the Republican Donald John Trump, moved in to the White House. After seventeen months of campaigning, the New York tycoon managed to ascend to the American presidency with 304 electoral votes and 46.09% of the votes of the citizens. In his first 365 [...]

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US Crude Export: The job is not done yet

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The strong and consistent rally in crude prices that took place between the end of June and early December, does not seem to be over yet. Oil market has shifted considerably over the last few weeks. Brent is trading above $66 per barrel. Investors are sitting on record bullish positions in Brent futures and options and [...]

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The End Of The Petrodollar and The Rise Of The Petroyuan

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A “Petrodollar” is a U.S. Dollar obtained through the sale of crude oil, i.e. it’s a term created particularly to describe the situation of the OPEC countries, where the sale of this commodity allows these nations to prosper and reinvest its USD in the nations which purchase it. It’s one of those unofficial axioms over which [...]

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Dollar and oil: towards a new positive correlation?

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BACKGROUND Traditionally, the relationship between the value of the U.S dollar and the price of commodities, including oil, behaves inversely or negatively. That is, when the US currency is appreciated relative to other major currencies such as the euro, yen or pound, the price of commodities tends to fall, whereas, if there is a devaluation, the [...]

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OPEC: State of Decay

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During the last weeks, what we discussed in previous articles became a reality. And so it is, that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has lost its grip on the global crude oil markets and its actions are not as effective as they once were. A new significant fall in prices few months after the extension [...]

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