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On the afternoon of January 15 the parliament of the United Kingdom (UK) voted no to the Brexit agreement of Theresa May. A battle lost with a large margin of votes: 432 against 202. An expected result as the carbon prices showed little reaction the following morning. The possible scenarios for Brexit at this point are [...]

The Coal’s paradox: where idealism meets pragmatism

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Let’s face it: we Humans are very poor when it comes to dealing with the intangible. We deal in obvious comparisons and in lieu of that: a real pain now is worth far more than a greater pain in the yet unseen (albeit still known) future. “One problem at a time” we say, and despite our [...]

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China’s coal restrictions – why now?

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In the energy World everybody knows that, when it comes to coal, no one beats China – which triples the production volume of the 2nd country in the list, the U.S. But being the biggest is not without its problems. Figure 1. Coal production (left) and consumption (right) by country in thousands of millions of [...]

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New hope for the EU ETS Market

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In February 27th the European Emission allowances (EUA) were traded above the 10 €/tone closing that day’s session at 10.21 €/tone, values not witnessed since 2012. The bullish trend initiated on the second half of 2017, when the EU started to address the future of the EU ETS market, was heavily felt in November after a [...]

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Happy anniversary Trump

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On January 20, 2017, the 45th president of the United States of America, the Republican Donald John Trump, moved in to the White House. After seventeen months of campaigning, the New York tycoon managed to ascend to the American presidency with 304 electoral votes and 46.09% of the votes of the citizens. In his first 365 [...]

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Coal is still the key of global energy

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2017 has been a year characterized by a clear upward trend in electricity and gas prices, not only in Europe but also globally. And in this rise, coal prices have once again played a key role. This commodity influences the prices of electricity, based on its share in the generation mix, but also in gas prices, [...]

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COP 23: small steps towards the Paris Agreement

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On November 17, the twenty-third Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP23), held in Bonn (Germany), ended. Many have cataloged it as the Convention of the small steps. Thus, it has been possible to achieve small progress towards fulfilling the preparations for the implementation of the final objective, which [...]

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Climate Change:¿How did we get here and what ´s causing it?

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Since the beginning of the industrial era, the consumption of energy derived from fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) has been constantly increasing. Society as we know it until now, is based on these sources of energy, and we have founded our economy on them, but the burning of these fossil fuels is responsible for [...]

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The uncertain future of Spanish coal

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We closed 2015 in a year in which coal was a major player in Spain’s power generation, amounting for the 20.3% of the energy produced in the Peninsula (closely following nuclear power at 21.9%). Evolution of coal in the Spanish energy mix. Source: El País. The reason for the importance of coal during this [...]

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Coal’s last breath?

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The coal sector has been affected for a long time by an excess of capacity, especially during the last two years, with the slowdown of the economy and the drop in demand caused by the measures taken against climate change and the focus on renewable energies. However, in recent months the coal market experienced a significant [...]

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