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Talking about Venezuela is tantamount of talking about oil. This country, almost twice the size of Spain, has the largest amount of (heavy) crude oil reserves in the world, which grew strongly since 2011. It may be unfair and/or paradoxical that all this underground wealth is present at the worst time for the country, which is [...]

Power and gas prices seem to have no roof …¿What now?

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As we have already pointed out in previous articles, 2017 was a bullish year in the energy markets. In the previous blog "OMIE Forecast? Place your bets " we detailed the fundamentals that justified these increases. However, this does not mitigate the concern of procurement managers who have the arduous task of optimizing costs year after [...]

OMIE forecast? Place your bets

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The daily electricity market in the Iberian Peninsula (OMIE) has been characterized from the outset by a strong volatility. Its own base of operation, which we explained a couple of years ago in our blog (Iberia’s Spot Electricity Market: Behind the Curtains), makes the composition of the energy mix (sum of the technologies that participate in [...]


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The last few weeks have been a real throwback to Cold War years for both Russia and UK, as Prime Minister Theresa May accused Moscow of poisoning a Russian ex-spy with a rare nerve agent in Salisbury, England. The Kremlin rejected the accusation and insisted the UK must prove Russia’s role in the attack or apologise. [...]

New Electric Suppliers – Lights and Shadows

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It was in 1997 when the process of liberalization of the electricity market in Spain began. This process, which was gradually established until its culmination in 2009, brought an important novelty to consumers: for the first time they had the option to choose which electric supplier they wanted, and with this, doubts arose: will it be [...]

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We are approaching the time of gas market injection in Europe, but will we get there unharmed?

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Like all other markets, natural gas moves upwards when there are more buyers than sellers in the market and moves downwards when the opposite happens. The tough world of "intuitive" operations has been back on its head again last week. The fundamentals, technical analyses and any other form of analysis that we are used to, come [...]

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In particular, the registrations of electric and hybrid vehicles, which include both cars and quads, commercial and industrial vehicles and buses, reached 6,182 units in February in Spain, which is 42.7% more than in the same month of 2017. By Autonomous Community, Madrid was the region where more electric vehicles were marketed in February, with more [...]


New hope for the EU ETS Market

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In February 27th the European Emission allowances (EUA) were traded above the 10 €/tone closing that day’s session at 10.21 €/tone, values not witnessed since 2012. The bullish trend initiated on the second half of 2017, when the EU started to address the future of the EU ETS market, was heavily felt in November after a [...]

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Where’s the Petroyuan

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Some weeks back, I’ve written about the potential impact of the arrival of the petroyuan, not just in the oil market but also in the currency market, and that such impact was going to arrive in the end of 2017. Nevertheless, as of now, things at the International Shanghai Energy Exchange (or INE for short) have [...]

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Happy anniversary Trump

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On January 20, 2017, the 45th president of the United States of America, the Republican Donald John Trump, moved in to the White House. After seventeen months of campaigning, the New York tycoon managed to ascend to the American presidency with 304 electoral votes and 46.09% of the votes of the citizens. In his first 365 [...]

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